Solar Appointment

Solar Appointment Setting

Ever since Call Point Started its journey. We were fortunate enough to provide our service to such a lucrative industry of Renewable Energy Sources in the Australian market. Call Point has been directly affecting and influencing the sales of several market leaders for Solar in Australia. The proven quality and efficiency of our Agents have given us a success story to tell in the BPO industry. We have regularly made updates and changes in our scripts to cope with this fastly changing world where the demand for Renewable Energy Sources is increasing like never before.

We are generating leads that have a closing success ratio of 80% which is incomparable to any other BPO Agency in Bangladesh. Our Solar Appointment Setting service is operated on the Day shift which gives excellent work-life balance to our hard-working and experienced Agents who have changed the way of setting appointments. We also provide High Ticket Closers for Closing Sales on behalf of Solar companies in Australia. The Management team has regularly made updates to the Criteria for generating leads. The results were unbelievable in how happy both the Consumers and Clients were.

Our agents are setting appointments by ensuring all the possible customer inquiries. Our agents were trained to handle all types of customer inquiries while setting an appointment for Solar. We are following six basic steps for setting the appointment. This strategy and process have become a proven success for us. The basic structure of our pitch somewhat looks like this :

Our agents are very skilled when it comes to handling customer objections. Because we have always believed that we must give them a proper solution. Generating Leads or closing the call is not the main goal. The main goal is to give them a proper solution cause after satisfying the customer with a solution the rest will fall in place automatically. Some of the “Frequently Handled Objections” by our agents are :

Our Agents are highly skilled in handling these objections. To know more about our Solar Appoint Setting Service book a free call today………….

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