Real Estate Service

Real Estate Services

Call Point Business Solution has been part of different Real Estate projects and campaigns since its journey. Our Agents have shown absolute quality no matter what the project is. We have done different kinds of Real Estate projects all over the USA.

We set appointments for both buyers and sellers. We have done versatile projects in the Real Estate industry. We have worked with Contractors for flipping the property. Our Agents are not only skilled in making cold calls and setting appointments but also in finding distressed properties if the Client is looking to flip the properties.

Working for Realtors often requires a prerequisite which is being skilled in managing CRM. Our agents have worked in more than 15+ different CRM. With time Call Point has set the standards for agents who are about to take over a new real estate project. We make sure we are taking care of these questions when running a B2C project for Real Estate. We always make sure we get these pieces of information before setting the appointment. So that the quality of the lead is ensured.

The mandatory questions that we have selected for our agents that need to be asked to the customers are ----

For Seller

For Seller

We also do B2B projects for Realtors. When we are working for a realtor and calling other realtors for providing different services, we always make sure we can provide them the exact service they are looking for. For making it happen we work with targeted data so that we can keep both parties happy with Efficiency and quality leads.

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