Janitorial Appointment


Call Point Business Solution started its journey with several campaigns. With time we have discovered different industries by providing different services for different businesses. But when we look back, Janitorial and Cleaning services were one of our major campaigns.

Since the spread of Covid-19, there were a huge shortage of cleaning labor. Hygiene and cleanliness have become major issues for Hospitality Industry and Other Corporate Offices in The USA and Canada. Call Point Business Solution has taken this challenge successfully and provided quality leads for Janitorial and Cleaning services.

We created our agents with the proper skill and hungriness for generating leads. Lead Generation campaigns are the best place to prove themselves as skilled agent. Our agents are trained to perfection so that they can handle the pressure of the Lead Generation Campaign. While setting appointments for the Janitorial and Cleaning Service our agents make sure the quality of the lead cause, not all the leads tend to close as a successful deal. There are one of the questions that our agents ask before closing the lead in janitorial ----

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